Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who turned the heater on??


According to the weatherman, we are expected to see temps today at about 105, 107 tommorrow and 105 for Thursday. We will be getting a "cooling trend" of 99 on Friday. What ever happened to those stories about cool breezes off the ocean and the palm trees swaying in the breeze?? I guess not in this neck of the woods. I am on the outskirts of the San Joaquin Valley so the only thing I may see swaying in the breeze are tumbleweeds. Lovely thought, isn't it. Oh right, oh right....enough of the belly-aching. Well here is my next project. It is called "Little Star" and it is from the book below. If it is hard to read, I will tell you that the title of the book is called "Simplicty, Simple is Beautiful" by Allison Jane Smith and Hollie Ann Milne. There are many beautiful quilts and some of them seem very "do-able"....is that a word?....well it is today :)

Sorry folks, heat gives me the "grumpies".

On my next post, I will show you all a pic of a pillow that my Jessica, who is my 14 y.o. daughter is working on. She is sewing together "Mamba candy" wrappers and then attaching them to fabric to cover the front of her pillow. I guess you could say that she is going green and repurposing things. Pretty cool! She kind of came up with the idea from looking at a friends bag made out of Capri Sun Juice bags. Who would have thought?

I will also have to show the quilt block that I have finished from following Amanda Jean.

Thanks for stopping by and stay out of the heat!!



carolyn said...

heater is turned on up here too (SF BAY)!! but tonight we seem to have a bit of a cooling breeze off the ocean. Just on the other side of the hills it was 102˚ at 5pm!!

Christy said...

Here too! The thermometer in my van said 110* on our way home from swim class today. I'm in the middle of the San Joaquin valley, so there's not much hope of a cool breeze for the next few months.

Can't wait to see the quilt. :)