Thursday, July 24, 2008

Staycationing with the Family

What do you do when it is 102+ outside, gas is up to $4.50 a gallon and you have two kids, a husband and 1 dog?

You take a Staycation!

My family and I took a drive away from "the furnace of Contra Costa County" aka Antioch and went to a town that seemed to have their AC blowing outside. It was 20+ degrees cooler and a breeze!! I have not felt a breeze, or maybe I should say a cool breeze, for that matter in quite some time.

In the above picture is the DH, next to him is DD Sara and next to her is DD Jessica. In the middle is our fury son and their brother, Murphy.

We only stayed in Benicia for a couple of hours, had lunch at Kinders (YUM!) and checked out some of the antique shops. Not really exciting BUT it was nice to get out, enjoy the cool weather and see the sights. Unfortunately, the shops were closed because it was Monday but no big deal.

Thanks for stopping by!!



Katherine said...

Hi Melody! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you.

Your staycation sounds just right. Glad you were able to escape the heat for a bit and enjoy some time with your lovely family.

Great job on your quilt along blocks! Happy sewing!

Karen said...

HURRAY for Quilting Bloggers. And blogging quilters, too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you stick with quilting. I've been quilting about ten years. It's so fun, now that you can see what everyone else is doing, on the internet.

Kim said...

Thanks Melody for stopping by and leaving a comment. Who doesn't love comments?!

It was fun to visit your blog and see what you're up to. My family and I lived in Brentwood and we would visit Antioch often for shopping and Doctor appointments etc. Infact, the wedding I just came back from was in Brentwood. I can't believe all of the growth out there in the 10 years since we moved. WOW!