Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sorry to be gone for so long!!!

I'm sorry I been away for so long!! Seems like after I got back from vacation that life hit the fast track and did't stop until now.

So what is new with me? Still sewing, quilting and cooking BUT I have added a new diminson to my life - STUDENT!! Yes, I am going to get myself edjumacated, hee hee!

This spring I enrolled into Santa Barbara City College. I am taking Anatomy & Physiology and a class in CIM (Cancer Information Management). No, I do not live anywhere near Santa Barbara but that is okay because guess what? It is all ONLINE!!! I love it!! No more fighting for a parking spot, no more parking permits, no more rushing (and being late) to class or trying to get a decent seat in class!! This is so cool!!

Another thing that I did recently was join a Quilting Guild that is located in Antioch, California. I always thought that to join a guild, you had to have several hundred quilts under your belt and could sew a nine-patch with your eyes closed. Not true at all! They are an awesome bunch of women at all levels of quilting. I can see myself fitting into this group very well. I will have to post some of my projects. There is a wealth of info in this group!!

Well, I have some studying of connective tissue to do so I need to run.

Until next time.....


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