Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something YUMMY to try!!

Pecan Carmel Candies - SOOO easy and very tasty too.

63 minature Pretzels
1 pkg (13 ounces) of Rolo Candies
63 Pecan Halves

Line baking sheet with foil. Place pretzels on foil. Top each prezel with a candy. Bake at 250 for 4-7 minutes or until cadies are softened (candies will retain their shape). Immediately place a pecan half on each candy and press down so that the candy fills the pretzel. Cool slightly. Refrigerate for 10 mins or until set. Makes 63 candies**

Okay, when I made this, I noticed that my bag did not have 63 Rolos and I only ate 2 before I started making this. Soooooo, if your bag does not have 63 rolos, you will not have 63 candies. Just wanted to clear that up!

Anyway, these barely had time to come out of the Fridge before most of them were gobbled up by the family. I guess that would mean that they are kinda good, Huh?

Well, I am still hitting the books. Anatomy/Physiology is hard (who knew) but the other class that I am taking (Cancer Information Mgmt) is rather dry and slightly boring. Just CAN'T get into it.

Anybody in this field that can enlighten me?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!


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