Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool Finds at the Flea Market

Took myself on a little field trip to the local Flea Market on Saturday. Had to go early in the morning because we were in for a scorcher that afternoon. Normally, this Flea Market has many sellers on Sunday but they are mostly those that sell knock-off purses, mass-produced items, and to me, things of little character. Saturdays is like a HUGE garage sale with multiple sellers and the plus side of this is I don't have to drive from sale to sale!

I tell ya, if I was in the market for power tools this is the place to be!

Here are a few of my treasures:

These 12 pkgs of Peet's Coffee will come in very handy. I can't see them going to waste. Peet's is a well known Northern California Coffee Company. I am not sure if they are in other parts of the country but they have GREAT coffee. Not too bad for $5.00

In the pics below are somethings that I got from a seller for 25 cents each. Folding scissors for me, a Hello Kitty rubber stamp for little DD and measuring tape for big DD who is starting to get into sewing. The "not-too-pretty" brown plastic thingie is for me to carry all my treasures around in so that I can still shop. I guess this will be my sidekick when I go next time. Wonder if I can spray paint it a more fashionable color? What do you think?? Maybe Krylon indoor outdoor paint?

Can you believe that label....Woolworths....are they still in business?? I haven't seen a Woolworths here in Northern California for many years...I don't want to think how long it has been. Didn't they have one of those counters where you could get a sundae or a grilled cheese?

Above pic is a one of those tortilla thingies that you can make a taco salad with ($5.00), a little milkglasss bowl ($2.00)and a child's pair of pants. The pants are a 4T and since my youngest is 10, I highly doubt that they will fit but the whole reason that I bought them was because 1.) I can take them apart and use them on a quilt or something (the print is of strawberries, flowers and butterflies....awwwwww) and 2.) they were 10 CENTS!!! Sure wish they fit me!! I am thinking that I would like to thread a red & white gingham ribbon through the holes in the milk glass and put candy in it at Christmas time. I have some Halloween ribbon that I could thread through and put out orange and black M&M's.

This cutterpede was one of my finds. It looks brand new. I gave this to my 14 yo dd who is always using my papercutter for school projects or making banners for her HS cheerleading team. She gave me a huge "YES!" when I handed it to her her so I guess I made a good choice. I am not sure how much they go for retail but I am hoping that it is more than 25 cents!

Do you go to Flea Markets? What are some of your cool finds?

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Stephanie said...

Looks like you really "made out" at the flea market. Wish I could have gone! I love to find interesting things that I didn't know I wanted and needed!! (and at such great prices...just like Free)

Take Care,


Brenda said...

Great finds. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to go to the Nashville Flea Market. My little community I live in is Leiper's Fork. Can't wait to read your blog daily.

She'sSewPretty said...

What fun finds! I love that fabric on the little pants. You'll have to show what you end up making with them.

Heidi Ann said...

I don't know about spray-painting plastic, I've never tried it. But you could dress up your brown tote bag by weaving pretty ribbon or maybe pretty ragged fabric scraps through the "basket" weave. That would give it a whole new look!

peggy said...

OMG, I have been looking for one of those tortilla thingy's to make taco salads it seems like forever...great finds!!
Peggy in NJ