Thursday, June 26, 2008

The ups and downs on yoyos

Here is a closer look at the yoyos.

A couple of years ago I started a yoyo quilt made from pieces of clothing worn by my children and I. Atfirst I started with a simple idea of just sewing strips of yoyos together and then putting them together. Then I decided that idea was not good enough and took them all apart and was going to sew them in the shapes of flowers and put them altogether, kind of like the "Grandma's Flower Garden" Quilt. I decided that that idea was too complicated and took all those flowers (approx 50 of them) apart. I am back to the orginal idea of sewing them in strips. So far, I am at 6 feet long and 950 yoyos sewn together.

These pics should have been the other way around but this is my first time posting pics and I am about to toss this computer out the closest window!!

I have two more pics about yoyos but I now have a computer induced headache soooooo, I will post the others tommorrow.

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